NorSap AS

NorSap AS is the leading manufacturer of helm, pilot and operator chairs for the maritime market.

With decades of experience in the product of aluminium based chairs and equipment, Norsap continues to deliver high quality, comfortable solutions for a demanding market. Our design philosophy is to keep seating varied, both for different users and seating positions - from a relaxed position to an alert working posture.

If any of our standard models does not meet your demand, our R&D department is ready to assist you in developing a chair, based on existing models,
to meet your demands.



THE NEXT GENERATION - Our new product range

NorSap is making workplaces for people. We study the properties of the human body, it's mechanisms, so to speak. Then we set out to utilize the human capacity to the full, while avoiding damage, wear and fatigue. Our products are easy to use, have intuitive user interfaces and ensure maximum comfort for the user.

Let us inspire you with our vision of a friendly and ergonomically designed working environment, even in very challenging circumstances.
And let us provide you with our next generation tools to achieve the vision.

1600 Standard 4000 Impulse 1800 Active